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Name: Colly
Age: 18
Likes: Drawing, Videogames, Fantasy, dragons and elves and crap, Animu/Manga, creepy things, KawaiiCute things, Things. Roleplaying, Oc's, Friggin' canned peaches, Otomes.
Dislikes: Stuff, Holy crap I hate potatoes.
Biggest Inspirations: Nightwish, Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance, Legend of Zelda, Hatsuki Yura.

My Charahub -
My FictionPress -
Tumblr -
If you wannna play somethin like Fantasy Life or Dragon Nest(NA) Just ask ;v; I'll almost always give friends my chara name or 3ds friend code

I will probably write more Later...when I feel like it.

Rp crap <3 :

Rp groups I have joined:

:iconanima-solus: - (Maestro) Percival Rhodason.
:iconpharos-academy: - Clematis Carmine
:icondeathsapprentices: - Omega
:iconjusanyainn: - Lonan Chernobog

Groups I plan on Joining:

People I love:

Taggedy tagged by :iconlizabey:

Q:How many ships do you currently have? (As in how many are currently dating/engaged/married/etc.)
A:  Hell, I 'unno.

Q: Can you name all the pairings you have? (give their ship names too if they have one)
A: Holy crap, uh. There's not a lot that are canon I'm p/sure
Lance x Uriel
Lumo x Vigilade
Quinn x Toya
Leviathan x Phosphorus
Yuna x Ridged
Vale x Albert
Chandler x Vaughn
Arc x Titus
Kingsley x Falen
Eden x Erides
Lark x Illendis
Ranilla x Kumari
Bina x Calamity (her hammer)

Q: Who do you hold these ships with? (Name all the admins)
A: :iconvaliant-valor: :iconelfenprimrose: :iconlizabey: 

Q: Which pair is the longest relationship?
A: Uhm. Probably Quinn x Toya, Kingsley x Falen take second place probably, they even survived pulling them out of the SE fandom to shove them into Original stuff--

Q:Which pair is the newest relationship?
A: Ranilla x Kumari, I always knew I was going to ship Ranilla with a mermaid but I only recently thought of a name and design for her ;v;

Q:Which ship is the most romantic?
A: Lumo x Vigilade, totally. They're the cutest thing. Lance x Uriel are too..

Q:Which ship is the most messed up?
A: Arc x Titus. That horribly possessive dragon ass and the adorable little angel hearted boy-//punched
    Kingsley x Falen is kind of funny. Kawaii friggin' Gang leader who'll mess you up in seconds. and this gross loser (With a sick robot arm might I add) Also I mean 'gross loser' in the most loving way, I assure you

Q:Which ship is the cutest?
A: UH LUMO X VIGILADE- But actually though. They probably dote on each other all the time and that's super cute uwu
    Ranilla x Kumari is super cute too. Ranilla will always tell Kumari about all her dangerous and reckless adventures while the mermaid can only listen and worry and tell her to stop that-

Q:Which ship is the most developed?
A: Lance x Uriel probably.. Arc x Titus too. hoo man are they ever-

Q:Which ship is closest to marriage?
A: Arc x Titus holy crap. those two are practically already married- (especially with how they bicker all the time--)
    Quinn and Toya probably? (I mean they get married in the future sometime I'm pretty sure, so like yeah)

Q: Do any of the ships currently have children/pregnancy involved?
A:  Nobody//ming. Half of them either don't have the time or are horrified of the idea-

Q: Are any of them plan on having kids/trying getting pregnant? If so which one(s)?
A:  I think Quinn and Toya have a son in the future. fft. Ask Liz-

Q:Which pair is the most compatible you think?
A: Lumo x Vigilade probably. I mean they seem to get along better than the rest.

Q:Any opposites attract?
A:  Holy crap
    Arc X Titus: //LAUGH I'm pretty sure Stcy already got the jist of it. A dumb, loud, outgoing self-proclaimed dragon god and a little adorable moody bookworm of a man ;v;
    Lark x Illendis: An optimistic party leader who's always trying to be happy and the bitter and emotionless mage who doesn't seem to care about anything- 
    Yuna x Ridged:  Ridged is so emotional and Yuna is so chill, it makes my day- (see liz's journal-//hit)
    Quinn x Toya: Quinn's the studious type who's all cool and smart. While Toya's super lazy and likes to slack off a lot =w= 
    Eden x Erides: Eden is so tiny and innocent and introverted while Erides is ...n..ot..;;

Q: Do you have a ship you love most? Why?
A: All of them. Holy crap I love them all. Though Arc and Titus are a 'friggin delight. Lumo and Vigilade are so cute I could punch a wall and Kingsley x Falen are so 'friggin great. 

Q:Which ship(s) have been intimate?
A: You seriously want me to list them off so you can know who did the do. that's 'effin werd.           But okay.
Arc x Titus, Lance x Uriel, Leviathan x Phosphorus. //LAUGH I honestly have no idea- ask someone else

Q: Got any virgin pairs?
A: Ranilla x Kumari for sure. They're more the cuddle for ten hours type.

Q:Got any secret ships/crack pairs?
A: You bet your fanny I do.

Q: You wanna tell us?
A: You bet your f- //cracks knuckles// lets do this- 
    Rowen x Raiym
    Rowen x Blaze
    Rowen x Yevan
    Neoph x Francium--
    Finnigan x Patche (Don't even ask. i have no idea why it just happened one day)
    Mayama x Teramult
    Mayama x Arrowfell
    Mayama x Ethereal
    Vigilade x Leviathan (Don't kill me Lumo-)
    Quedred x Kipper
    Quedred x Valdelle
    Arrowfell x Vendalace
    Dynamo x Noble

    So litterally there are so 'friggin many and I could go on for days but here's a bit, like a smidgen--

Q: Any admins you wish to ship with

Q:Wanna tell us who those admins are?
A: MYSELF. Seriously. Only two of all my canon ships are with my own oc's. this is a problem--

Q: Got any favourite ship(s) that are not yours?
A: Kaymi x Yellow/Mary is like a legend, holy crap. otp.
    Yime x Kipper makes me laugh a lot, it's so great-
    I know for a fact that there's more, but I'm getting tired of thinking at the moment--

Q:Got any ships that are not ships yet but are gonna be canon soon or in the future? VwV
A: Percival x Isaac are the first to come to mind.
    Again, I know there has to be more, but I just can't think of any rn;;

Q:Got any girlxgirl/boyxboy ships?
A: oh heck yeah. like 80% are same-sex parings.

Q:Which ship(s) do you think has the hottest couple? 
A: Lance is attractive as hell so any paring with him in it-

Q:List your ships in order from oldest to newest
A: Don't even ask me to do such a thing I can barely remember half their names at this hour.

Q:Who do you think will make the cutest babies?
A: uh.

Q:Who do you think will make the prettiest bride? (Out of the female OCs you own)
A: Vigilade for 'effing sure, Yuna's a goddess, and I'm p sure Ranilla and Kumari will both slay- 

Q:Who do you think will make the handsomest groom? (Out of the male OCs you own)
A: Lance, Leviathan is friggin attractive too and then Illendis would probably look really nice too-

Q: Who do you want to get married the most/or who's wedding would you be most excited for
A: Arc x Titus's could be really cute. Quinn x Toya too. I'd say Lance x Uriel but Lance'll be damned if he lets that happen any time soon-

And were done!!
 ah yes, excellent.

I'm not sure why tf everything suddenly got tiny, but that's cool I guess.
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  • Listening to: Tomorrow is mine - Bayo 2 OST
  • Reading: Queen of Zombie Hearts
  • Drinking: Ice tea

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