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Name: Colly
Age: 17
Likes: Drawing, Videogames, Fantasy, dragons and elves and crap, Animu/Manga, creepy things, KawaiiCute things, Things. Roleplaying, Oc's.
Dislikes: Stuff, Holy crap I hate potatoes.
Biggest Inspirations: Nightwish, Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance, Legend of Zelda, Hatsuki Yura.

My Charahub -
My FictionPress -
Tumblr -

I will probably write more Later...when I feel like it.

Rp crap <3 :

Rp groups I admin:

:iconnewworldonline: - Mythstryll/Galen Barrett.

Rp groups I have joined:

:iconanima-solus: - (Maestro) Percival Rhodason.
:iconsky-of-animus: - Delta Borealis
:iconpharos-academy: - Clematis Carmine

Groups I plan on Joining:

People I love:



P-A: For Halloween, I'll be~ by PsychoticHysteria
P-A: For Halloween, I'll be~

"A Vampire King~! Now, who wishes to be my queen?"

Honestly, Clematty. You'll try to act kingly and charming but then you'll trip over your feet and screw up, because that's what's destined for you. 
So I waited until the last friggin minute to draw Halloween Clematis because, first. I had no idea what to make him be. Second, I'm such a big procrastinator that I screwed up. But I knew I'd regret not drawing anything for my favourite event/ holiday/ thing ever so I whipped this up. Background is kinda not really a background but I'll live.

Halloween is probably one of Clematis's favourite days of the year. Not only is he able to dress up in costumes but holy crap, he can eat all the candy he wants. Of course he'll probably regret it the day after, but that's the day after so it doesn't matter. He uses the day as an excuse to eat all the friggin sweets and he'll wear his costume all day if he can. Honestly he might as well be a child when Halloween comes around. The only thing he doesn't do is go trick-or-treating anymore...You know, at least that's what he'll tell you. 
Now then, why a Vampire king? Well, because he wanted an excuse to wear a crown.

    As a side note, the thing is blurry when not in full view. Why everything does that, I don't know. But just saying.

I used some textures and stock in this, and credit should be mentioned where credit is due so:
The floral texture on his jacket is: Art Nouveau Pattern Texture
The crosses used for the background is: Gothic cross png

Honestly those crosses saved my life, I was having such a hard time deciding what to do with the background.

Also I couldn't get enough of this song while drawing this:…

Anywhow, Happy Halloween~<3
P-A Age meme - Clematis. by PsychoticHysteria
P-A Age meme - Clematis.
For :iconpharos-academy:

I decided to do the age meme if only to draw a babi Clematty.
if you're looking at his age 17 clothes and going "what the hell, that's not how he looks" Well, He's going through an identity crisis while I draw up his new clothes and stuff for his app. I'll say more about it when I'm actually done fkljdn Also he still has his headphones, I just got really lazy and didn't feel like drawing them.
Also Probably gonna do the fanservice meme next so like, prepare yourself//punched

Age 6 - Clematis was a curious and extremely shy child, so he'd follow his sister around a lot. In fact he would rarely be seen without her. If she didn't do something then neither did he. They looked out for each other, Clematis doing what he could to help her and trying his hardest not to be considered a nuisance.

Age 12 - Around the time when he decided he wanted to become a huntsman. He was pretty angry about the decision and pretty angry with his sister whom had already left off all gung-ho to become a huntress. He hadn't had enough time to climb out of his shell so he was still very much shy and was actually pretty bitter.

Age 17 - He suddenly got attractive and a liking for frilly neck-ties apparently//hit. His invisible walls are slowly beginning to crumble and he's seen why exactly his sister wanted to become a huntress in the first place. He is still pretty bitter about it but He doesn't let it cloud how he acts or feels. 
Well this is it... by PsychoticHysteria
Well this is it...
"You worked your ass off to get here, don't let it go to waste."

I wanted to draw him, yet I didn't know what exactly I wanted to draw. So I decided that I wanted to try my hand at doing a fake screenshot... it worked out okay a little maybe;; Except the background is really crappy and I can't draw them to save my life. oTL It isn't horrible for a first try, yeah?//hit
I was inspired by the one scene in the beginning when Ruby's laying on the ground saying "welcome to beacon." It doesn't really look related but hey, inspiration comes from anywhere right?.. So here's Clematty giving himself a little pep talk as he roams around Pharos wondering what to do with himself.
I also changed the details on his headphones for like the 100th time so this looks better//hit

:bulletpurple: Clematis Carmine belongs to me
:iconpharos-academy: belongs to Shizumii-seii and tashajAde
P-A App Clematis Carmine by PsychoticHysteria
P-A App Clematis Carmine

For :iconpharos-academy:
Hoooolllyyy crap. Clematty here has been running me ragged all week. and I'm so glad to finally send him off to see the world//hit. 
I was so happy to see a RWBY Rp group that I worked my butt off to create the perfect RWBY Oc. Of course I landed far from perfect but I'm still pretty happy with him. ;v; I'm pretty shy when it comes to RP groups but then I saw there will be teams and thought this will be perfect because now they have to talk to me, if only for my oc, a captive rp partner is better than no rp partner, right?//hit Noi'mjustkiddingreally. But I hope he lives up to all my expectations ;v; If he doesn't well I can tweak him here or there gfklk

ALSO, Those weapons I- ew. I will probably try my darndest to draw up new ones because I actually despise how they look right now. So just a side note on that.

Another side note, it looks about 10X blurrier when you don't click on it, so clicking on the thing is a good idea so it's not so blurry.;;

Clematis Carmine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Year: Freshman

Aura Colour: Tyrian Purple


Weapon: Dual bladed Tonfa shotguns.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes -

    :bulletgreen: Music

    :bulletgreen: Sleeping

    :bulletgreen: Fruit

    :bulletgreen: Sweets (secretly)

    :bulletgreen: Candy or caramel apples (He's crazy for them)

    :bulletgreen: Carnivals and festivals

    :bulletgreen: Hanging out with friends

    :bulletgreen: Fighting monsters

    :bulletgreen: cute things

    :bulletred: Being looked down on

    :bulletred: Being told he can't do something.

    :bulletred: Grapefruit

    :bulletred: Onions

    :bulletred: People who think that making caramel covered onions is a hilarious joke.

    :bulletred: Speaking of his sister.


    Determined – Clematis is a very determined individual. As a contrast to his cowardly younger self, he's grown into someone who will do what he wants and will do his best not to let anyone get in his way. This comes into play as he's training as well, he'll often be seen training or studying.

    Introverted – There's a reason Clematis never takes his headphones off. Actually the only time he does take them off is during class, if he were to do so any other time he wouldn't know what to do with himself. He won't jump at the chance to talk to people, deep down he still doesn't know how to deal with it. So don't be too insulted if he doesn't answer back, chances are he didn't hear you... (Or at least that's what he wants you to think, hence the headphones. But if you keep an eye on the volume, you can tell when he's just being a jerk.)

    Kind – If you can get past that grouchy looking face and incredibly annoying introduction then one can see that Clematis is actually very kind. He speaks in a polite manner to most people and wont go out of his way to harm others. Despite how unfriendly he may seem when he ignores you, it's just a self-defence mechanism he utilizes to get out of making contact.

    Fun loving – Though Clematis may seem like he's all work and no play at first glance, that is quite the opposite actually. He likes to goof off just as much as the next person and is incredibly fond of sleep. He simply knows how to differentiate between when it's appropriate and not. He's even quite adventurous and curious about things, he likes to go places and do things. He even thinks that fighting monsters can be fun when it's not a completely dire situation.

    Overprotective – If someone manages to get close enough to him he'll start acting like a mother(//hit). He'll care about them a lot more than he would have otherwise and he might just start getting annoying. If they want to run off on some ludicrous adventure that he doesn't approve of, he'll try everything to stop it. He'll even start getting angry with them, but it just means he cares, really. Though if they're still determined to do so, he's not going to let them do the crazy thing without him.

    Actually quite reckless - He must use all his mentality on thinking about other stuff because he is actually quite reckless. He will run into things and then think later, which may not be the very best tactic for...anyone really.


    It wasn't a secret to anybody that Clematis looked up to his sister, his mother and his father. He was very young then. When they all used to spend so much time together. Not to say that they didn't as he got older, but there was a much greater sense of family when he was simply a child. There was no envy and there was no rivalry. Just family and friends. When Clematis was a child he would follow his sister around a lot, He would hold on to her clothes as she walked and even trail along behind her when they were in public places. He was incredibly shy. He didn't even like looking in the direction of people and would often simply look to the floor as he walked. His sister helped with this though. She would grab his hand a drag him around, showing him things that otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to notice. They were pretty close back then, Clematis felt completely safe when he was around her.

As Clematis grew a bit older, he watched his sister become enamoured with the idea of becoming a huntress. He wanted to support her, but once she mentioned that she would have to leave to do so, Clematis became less fond of the idea. In fact, he despised it wholeheartedly. He wouldn't say it directly but everyone knew how much he opposed the idea. Even so that would not stop his dear sister. Though perhaps it shouldn't have came as a surprise to him. As recently she would often try to help others, leaving him in the dust while doing so. He could not deny that there was a bit of resentment for that. Eventually he would start seeing less of her, she was significantly older then him, So she would have had to grow up sooner than he did. But still, Clematis became jealous of everyone spending time with his sister when he was always left behind. He didn't say goodbye when his sister left to go to another school in preparation for Pharos. At this point they had grown much too far apart much too quickly.

In order to make the story short, The two had begun to hold much resentment toward each other. Clematis knew his sister wanted to go out and be some grand hero, he knew that she was practically hell bent on it. He was worried. So worried in fact that he hated her choice to go out and risk her life. He hated the fact that she was on the road to becoming a huntress. By the time she made it to Pharos herself, Clematis was almost the age to decide where his path would lead him. And though he is ever shrouded by his sisters ever growing shadow upon him, he too became determined. He would become a hunter. And so he decided that he would train and he would become great enough to go to Pharos Academy himself. His motivation is not as noble as his sisters, he didn't want to save people, he did not want to become a hero. Clematis himself was driven by something selfish. He wanted to become just as great as his sister, perhaps better in the eyes of his family and those who knew them. He wanted to show everyone that he is not the cowering child he once was... Yet despite telling himself that all he wants is recognition, most of all he wants to follow his sister, if only to make sure she really doesn't get herself killed out there.

And so Clematis did it. He walked the path he hated for so long and despite claiming hatred against it, he rather liked it. His weapon became something special to him and he found fighting to be a fair bit of fun. A hero was not something he aimed to be and he still had his own motivations, but perhaps with the right mind set he can look forward to helping people. Though at the time of his arrival to Pharos Academy his sister was long gone. The two of them did not exchange any farewells or kind words before she left. And at the moment, Clematis could not care less.


:bulletpurple: His weapons Cyclone Carousel are named for the rapid spinning movements he often makes, also because he's simply fond of carousels, fond family memories for him or something. The name can also be Cyclone and Carousel. The right tonfa being Carousel and the left being Cyclone.

:bulletpurple: He's suffers from horrible sister issues, don't ask him about his family, don't do that.

:bulletpurple: If he's offered candy he'll refuse it straight out because if his immense love of fruit, but really you can probably catch him eating sweets at like midnight when everyone's asleep

:bulletpurple: He likes symphony music, metal and dubstep.

:bulletpurple: if you look on the side of his headphones you can see how loud they're playing, watch it closely because if he doesn't answer you and that crap isn't moving then that means he's just being a jerk and you should smack him.

:bulletpurple: He's a little jerk that bothers his friends all the time. (But he pretends to care a lot less then he actually does)

:bulletpurple: He's also kind of a show off.

:bulletpurple: A king of sarcasm.

:bulletpurple: If he had a theme it would probably be this…

:bulletpurple: Since I can never just pick one, this could be another theme of his.… Like.. a battle theme or what have you

TBA When I start using him and getting to know him more.

Larger image + Symbol: psychotichysteria.deviantart.c…
Oop, look another side note.
    If anyone wants to rp just ask, I'm pretty friendly c:

Rp Format: Script and Lit.
Rp methods: DaChat, skype, Notes.

I'm looking forward to RPing with you all ;v;

Clemattyyy by PsychoticHysteria
Clematis is my new RWBY Oc and the one I'm going to use for :iconpharos-academy: 
I changed his headphones from the sketches and references, I also smoothed out his symbol in the corner there so it's less sketchy and stuff then the one on the reference. I'm actually pretty happy with the way he turned out, I have been crying and worrying about his design all week (ask anyone) But as it turns out he doesn't look too bad ;v; I'll be putting this on on the actual app. Though his hair did get in the way of his collar and stuff, maybe I'll doodle an outfit ref for myself or something;; But over all I'm pretty happy with it fjglsdkj

Clematis Carmine belongs to me~
Do you know what's rad? Rp groups.
Since I have a problem and I need Rp groups to survive I joined another one. and this one I am admining so if you want to check it out, I'll be there (Because I know you all want to Rp with me//killed)
:iconnewworldonline: ~
The concept is basically a virtual reality fantasy mmorpg, where there is a server wide glitch and everyone who was playing gets trapped in the game. And since I really like that kind of thing I couldn't resist. There are both written and drawn apps so anyone can join really.

It's pretty much just getting off the ground and it's quite new. But you can still look around if you're interested. Even though the Recruitment status is open. (I wasn't gonna make this journal until my app was done so I could shamelessly show it off but I said screw it.)  SO maybe if you're interested you could check it out.. or not?.. Idon'tknow??
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  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Reading: DragonLance
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch

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