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Name: Colly
Age: 18
Likes: Drawing, Videogames, Fantasy, dragons and elves and crap, Animu/Manga, creepy things, KawaiiCute things, Things. Roleplaying, Oc's.
Dislikes: Stuff, Holy crap I hate potatoes.
Biggest Inspirations: Nightwish, Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance, Legend of Zelda, Hatsuki Yura.

My Charahub -
My FictionPress -
Tumblr -

I will probably write more Later...when I feel like it.

Rp crap <3 :

Rp groups I have joined:

:iconanima-solus: - (Maestro) Percival Rhodason.
:iconsky-of-animus: - Delta Borealis
:iconpharos-academy: - Clematis Carmine

Groups I plan on Joining:

People I love:



Phoenix Babu by PsychoticHysteria
Phoenix Babu
WHA-BAM-! I did this all in the same day and I'm so proud of myself. Of course it's one in the morning at the time of uploading this but-
That's not the point. This is a friends oc, her name is Phoenix and she's a precious baby who should be protected~ =w= She's a bard and provides support to her party members <3
Can I just say I'm super happy with her shiny eyes? Well I am-
I hope you like how it looks ;v;

Phoenix belongs to Stcu - starlight-carnival
Art belongs to me~
Do not use her or her design, she aint yours.
Thank you for stopping by~<3
Take my hand and stay forever by PsychoticHysteria
Take my hand and stay forever
Is that an actual title on one of my arts?//gasp This is the first time i've drawn my babu in colour in forever- So here, have a little introduction//hit
This is my son, The Twisted Harlequin Joker. One of many residents of Asylum and a cheerful and prideful 'dollmaker'. As you might be able to tell he doesn't make his dolls out of the common material like porcelain or wood. He prefers to use the best matereals he can find, and in his case that would be flesh and bone. The Harlequin Joker will hunt down the person that most appeals to him in an attempt to make them his own doll, they get horribly disfigured if they co-operate, or get themselves torn apart and used for spare peices if they decide to try to run away or make things more difficult then they need to be. He's incredibly moody and absolutely hates being alone. He normally looks cute when he's not.... like this.

Now then, excuse the blood for I am an amature and cannot colour//punched. This is actually the first time I've drawn a picture of someone from Asylum that I'm happy with and I am so very happy that I don't despise it. Also. I'm not sure if I would need a warning on it, since I've seen some questionable things on this website that don't have warnings. SO I'm gonna leave this as is, but if any of my watchers or anyone has a problem with this then I'll slap a big 'ol warning on it, yeah? Alright.
Expect more like this from me in the future since this was fun and I'd like to get some of his friends drawn and coloured too ;v;

I used some stock for the background if you can notice it:
Old wallpaper texture pattern

And that's about all I have to say about this one. Thank you for checking it out~<3

The Twisted Harlequin Joker belongs to me, please don't use him or his design~
So many sparkles... by PsychoticHysteria
So many sparkles...
What am I doing anymore, someone please tell me.

So I got myself a new fan-dangled drawing program and of course the first thing I tried it out on was Clematty here. And the outcome was... very pink/purple and very sparkly. Clematis looks like this was in his nonexistant modeling days//punched. I had the sailor moon crystal theme song on loop so that's probably why it ended up with the obnoxious sparkles.
Though I like to think that I did a pretty good job on Clematis as opposed to the background (When will Colly learn to background). Regardless, I think I'm going to be able to create magnificent things with this program- God, this is a huge file though, I can literally zoom in and see every little mistake I made on this boy in great detail. So if it takes forever to load I am so very sorry.

So I guess this could be a casual Clematis? Though really I just wanted to draw him in one of my outfits that I wore one day.. only more..Clemtais-ish. Since I had this sweater and it took me all day to notice it was in his colours and thus I had to draw him in it. Though it's more like a dress, I shortened it on him pfft.
So I'm actually in love with him-//punched and I guess I like how his face turned out so I totally turned this into a wallpaper. So if you want his face plasterd on your desktop too you can use it- (I'll put a link at the end) And I also think it looks a little better cropped. So you can appreciate all the work I put into his face- also his eyes, I did something different while colouring the eyes and I really like how they turned out. So like, take some time to appreciate thoes-pfft. And well I think that's it. Hope the obnoxious sparkles don't bother you~ 
I should probably go do thoes memes like I've been meaning to.
Wallpaper/cropped: Clematty Wallpaper/cropped

I also used some stock for the denim pattern on his pants and the cute stripey background:
Denim pattern: Seamless denim fabric texture
Stripes: Bright blue tapestry

Clematis Carmine belongs to me, he is a character for :iconpharos-academy: 

//cries why are my descriptions so long
Clemattymatty by PsychoticHysteria
Thiiiisss took forever. Mostly because I was really taking my time a procrastinating and that's completely my fault. I have nobody else to blame. Well, I'm not disappointed on how it turned out so that's good. I've updated his app and everything so It's all good sorta. except for the fact that I'm tired and there's probably spelling mistakes everywhere that I haven't cared in the slightest to fix. I'll have to do that tomorrow;;
Boop, link to updated app: P-A App Clematis Carmine

Clematis Carmine belongs to me~<3
P-A: For Halloween, I'll be~ by PsychoticHysteria
P-A: For Halloween, I'll be~

"A Vampire King~! Now, who wishes to be my queen?"

Honestly, Clematty. You'll try to act kingly and charming but then you'll trip over your feet and screw up, because that's what's destined for you. 
So I waited until the last friggin minute to draw Halloween Clematis because, first. I had no idea what to make him be. Second, I'm such a big procrastinator that I screwed up. But I knew I'd regret not drawing anything for my favourite event/ holiday/ thing ever so I whipped this up. Background is kinda not really a background but I'll live.

Halloween is probably one of Clematis's favourite days of the year. Not only is he able to dress up in costumes but holy crap, he can eat all the candy he wants. Of course he'll probably regret it the day after, but that's the day after so it doesn't matter. He uses the day as an excuse to eat all the friggin sweets and he'll wear his costume all day if he can. Honestly he might as well be a child when Halloween comes around. The only thing he doesn't do is go trick-or-treating anymore...You know, at least that's what he'll tell you. 
Now then, why a Vampire king? Well, because he wanted an excuse to wear a crown.

    As a side note, the thing is blurry when not in full view. Why everything does that, I don't know. But just saying.

I used some textures and stock in this, and credit should be mentioned where credit is due so:
The floral texture on his jacket is: Art Nouveau Pattern Texture
The crosses used for the background is: Gothic cross png

Honestly those crosses saved my life, I was having such a hard time deciding what to do with the background.

Also I couldn't get enough of this song while drawing this:…

Anywhow, Happy Halloween~<3
Do you know what's rad? Rp groups.
Since I have a problem and I need Rp groups to survive I joined another one. and this one I am admining so if you want to check it out, I'll be there (Because I know you all want to Rp with me//killed)
:iconnewworldonline: ~
The concept is basically a virtual reality fantasy mmorpg, where there is a server wide glitch and everyone who was playing gets trapped in the game. And since I really like that kind of thing I couldn't resist. There are both written and drawn apps so anyone can join really.

It's pretty much just getting off the ground and it's quite new. But you can still look around if you're interested. Even though the Recruitment status is open. (I wasn't gonna make this journal until my app was done so I could shamelessly show it off but I said screw it.)  SO maybe if you're interested you could check it out.. or not?.. Idon'tknow??
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Reading: DragonLance
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch

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